Remco’s interest in ambient started in 1980 when he heard the Jon Hassell / Brian Eno album Fourth World, Vol. 1: Possible Musics, but it would take a decade before he actively started playing this style of music. The introduction of the first digital loopers inspired him to experiment with effects and create ambient soundscapes.

The music he plays differs from the average ambient music because of his interest in various styles of “world music”. Indian classical music (dhrupad style) and the Japanese kyotaku/shakuhachi in particular have had a major influence on the way Remco incorporates various influences in his ambient music. His love for tuned percussion (such as gamelan and singing bowls) can also be heard. He combines the use of samples he made of percussion, instruments and atmospherics with synthesizers to create lush soundscapes that transport the listener. The idea behind this atmospheric music is the calling of visions of undefined cultures.

After releasing his first solo album On Some Road in 2001, Remco has worked on various film projects and worked with several artists, most notably Alio Die. Their collaboration resulted in the 2021 album The Garland of Dissolution (released on Hic Sunt Leones). The music consists of dense multi-layered soundscapes made with a variety of instruments such as sitar, rudra veena, surbahar, shakuhachi, zither and many percussion instruments.

The animated live-projections made in Mandlebulb 3D mirror this idea: colourfull organic shapes that stimulate the imagination.

Mandlebulb 3D

Mandelbulb 3D